Automated Timesheet & Payroll System. 

We just completed a project with our client to automate their staff timesheet and payroll processes. 

All hardware and software installations have been completely eliminated. 

Now the entire process is administered from a central control system. The solution supports remote work monitoring and eliminates paperwork and burdensome bureaucracy.

Most companies now do a lot with workers and professionals remotely; most conventional ERPs are limited in this regard. Let us work with you in building your distributed digital information systems that’ll run on mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Generate custom reports
  • Easily create and edit shifts
  • View members activity in real time
  • Simple/Advanced Shift Reports
  • Export Shifts to Spreadsheet/
  • Manage Wages
  • Compatible with Quickbooks
  • Supports Unlimited Clock in Locations
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Supports Employee IP Address and GPS Tracking (includes tracking map)
  • Supports Multi-Site
  • Accurate timesheets
  • No buddy punching
  • Saved labor costs
  • Improved project management
  • Better work scheduling and resource allocation 
  • Easy payroll processing
  • Accurate pay
  • Accurate project and client billing
  • Higher productivity and member engagement

Overall, the solution helps our client to automate the process of filling timesheets and improve payroll procedures.

Your business deserves the best. Contact us here for a free consultancy session.

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