Generative Pre-trained Transformer

By the way, these words weren’t AI generated but products of thoughts I’ve been dwelling on for weeks. So let’s get right to it.

Now we are becoming proofreaders instead of content writers. Our brains are then being freed up to engage other possibilities since the job of thinking and phrasing text is being taken up by AI. Will AI like ChatGPT make us or our students dumber? Will it render them lazy? I don’t think so.

I believe it throws another kind of challenge our way. Now you really have to know your onions and a lot more is now required to be an expert in your field. Your brain is being freed up to do more creative and innovative work. Another kinda parameters will have to be used to judge intelligence and creativity. The goal posts are being moved, don’t be caught unawares, but take advantage by because you are being duly informed.

The potentials are huge. It’s high time you begin to diversify in your field, learning how to use AI as a tool to enhance productivity. This is for real, it’s the new world homies. They d’on move your cheese, they don’t even inform you. Who’s gonna inform you? Even your boss is being caught pants hanging down. But hey, we are informing you now, what you g’on do about it?

Just read and pass it on or engage and make necessary moves?

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