Grit and tenacity will beat mere ideas, skills or talent any day.

After a meeting I had a couple weeks ago, some conversations concerning the state of our nation and the next election came up. Someone boldly claimed – my candidate has never lost an election, and that we should hide and watch, his candidate will win by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Not being one for political arguments or arguments of any kind at that, I was quite and just listened. However on my way back, I was deep in thoughts and concerned for my nation. Then I remembered watching the movie – 300.

Xerxes threatened to completely decimate and annihilated Leonidas saying that the arrows from the bows of his massive Persian army, will fill the sky above Leonidas and his men, blocking the sun thereby, creating such thick darkness.

Leonidas responded – and we’ll fight in the shade. Ishkaba!

Movie paused, I started pacing up and down because I realized that’s the attitude that wins, head or tail.

Head or tail, regardless the outcome, we win. Why? Because there are numerous devices and plans in the heart of men but only the counsel of The Lord shall stand.

As regards investment, attitudes of grit and tenacity will beat mere ideas, skills or talent any day.

Happy holidays. ❤️

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