Growth Mindset Compatibility

This is my Growth Mindset Compatibility Graph. I designed it this morning. How did I do? 😁. Here’s the thought though –

The tiny cells that make up different parts that form the human being are in constant state of motion. So, as at the time we are hooking up in business, marriage or friendship, we may be compatible. The question is, are we going to remain compatible especially, in the fundament aspects of our existence, in ten or twenty years? This is something we never seem to anticipate when forming long lasting relationships either in business, or in our private lives.

We never put into consideration the growth mindset of the person(s) we are entangling with. Some people are in a constant growth trajectory – constantly questioning what they know or believe, learning, re-learning, always fine tuning, developing their minds and consequently, all aspects of their lives. Many times, this is subtle. The reality is, not everybody is like that.

Some adults pretty much just basically remain the way they’ve always been with little or no significant changes and they are okay with it. This can be subtle too. Now, if the growth minded individual is a leader, they of a necessity, should carry the people they lead along in the growth process so they don’t lose their people or significant other, in the curve. This can be a problem if they are incompatible in their Growth Mindset. This is where the big problem lies – we are losing each other in the curve.

Over time and ever so subtly, we have ceased to be on the same page. Time reveals the tiny, almost unnoticeable off-tangent that had started way back howbeit insignificant initially, but over time, the difference becomes apparent and noticeable. At this point, business relationships of many years will have to come to an end and if it’s a marriage relationship, then …. errrmmm! I don’t know, you tell me wadup!

Stay hard!❤️

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