Here’s why you should be both Robot and Human simultaneously

Oh I’m just tired! Oh I don’t just feel like! I’m not just motivated! When you feel this way, it is just the right time to switch to being a robot. You function disregarding feelings. You Just Start! 

The important things don’t get done by wishing it. So, people who have been successful at having a higher rate of getting the right things done, hardly wait on motivation. When it comes to doing what is required of you, you become a robot – you just do it regardless the presence of motivation, encouragement or whether you feel like or not. Just start and keep plunging on. 

Commence with the smallest task and this can actually become a habit that your brain gets used and that it just gets into action regardless. Just get outta bed, swing your feet unto the floor and get own with it. Motivation and creativity with come in due time. Dopamine actually starts to rush through your whole body as a result of getting the right things done.

Grab a cup of coffee and just get right to it – to create a website for your client for example, start with the banner first and so on and so forth! Lol!

Dopamine is responsible for allowing you to feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. When you feel good that you have achieved something, it’s because you have a surge of dopamine in the brain.

– Healthdirect.

However, you are also human and that is reflected in the creative touch your work reflects. This aspect of the human touch is what will distinguish humans from machines in the advent of AI that’s right upon us. You are also still human because you are sensitive and compassionate to the needs of others. This also enhances creativity and innovation.

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