How can Information Technology help drive change in Nigeria?

BOLD STEP’s Question – In what way can Information Technology help drive change currently? How can we preserve the future of the nation through sustainable growth in Technology? How can we explore the untapped resources and opportunities in the Technology sector?

My Answers

Instead of just Fintech, focus on Agritech and others.

1 The growth of developing economies depend largely on the SMEs and powered by technologies. Africa is completely dependent on the US for this. China was, but they built their way out.

2 Not just the government but individuals, organizations and groups with capacity have to take a serious look at investing heavily in tech developments.

3 We need to put money where we want attention to be. China built TikTok, made the algorithm to favor innovation and good deeds. The algorithm is different for other nations. It’s a subtle yet definitive mind warfare, the results of which will start coming in, in a few years. A reorientation of our young minds is pertinent right now. Even when they go abroad, most engage in fraudulent activities to survive.