I was superlatively terrible at maths!

From kindergarten all the way to my third year in secondary school; odo ni rai, meaning, it was zero in mathematics all the way 🤣. As bad as 8%. Yea, that bad.

It was in my 3rd year that God sent an angel in the form of a patient and gentle Deeper Life, Youth Corper to my secondary school. Her maths period was just before break time on Fridays.

On this day, she was teaching about triangles and for the first time in my life, a tiny light lit up in my head and I connected. She gave an assignment in class that day, I did it myself and scored 1/5. Yes, 1 out of 5 and I was ecstatic 🤩 because I did it myself. That was my eureka moment.

I became so passionate, had A1 in Further Maths and Mathematics at the School Cert Exams, went on to study Industrial and Production Engineering at the University of Ibadan and now, I’m a Software Engineer. Now, how about them kids?

Ben Horowitz was so terrible as a child in school, schools rejected him and his mum had to home-school him for years. Thank God for his patient mum. I’ve got friends who have kids, some of whom talked, walked, adapted to school, learned maths and all, early, while others seemed to be late at some of those and the parents were worried. Over time, those that were late eventually caught on. They are all running, talking, going to school and more, now. Here’s the lesson.

Do not compare yourself among yourselves especially in this era of social media. Some may seem to get there earlier than others but darling, just run your race, stay your course and focus on your journey. We’ll all get to our destinations. Our timing may be different, but we’ll all get there.

So I say unto you, enjoy your journey, keep on fighting and keep on keeping on.

Stay hard!