Quit electing idiots.

A friend reminded me of this post I made about a year ago. Gotta repost it.

You see when more young Nigerians start to have entrepreneurial mindset (I’m not talking about just business), more people will quit validating these bunch, why? Because now, you are trying to build something and facing problems that are direct results of decades of incompetent leadership. You are forced to think.

It’s obvious they can’t do much to move the needle in the direction of positivity for our dear nation. They want power, they want to rule, they feel it’s their turn, but turn by turn they are sinking us and generations after us further into poverty and wretchedness.

It’s sad how some Nigerians are comparing Nigeria to the US by quoting Trump’s and Joe Biden’s ages. Three reasons why that won’t work – 1/ These guys ain’t like your lot, can’t you see? Isn’t that obvious? 2/ Nigeria isn’t in the same place as the US. 3/ It isn’t so much about chronological age but mindset, proven capacity and track records that can’t be gainsaid. This is serious.

Dear Nigerians, especially ages 18 – 55, please think, we need a critical mass of right thinkers. We don’t need everybody, just a critical mass and we’ll be on our way.

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