Retain Your Childlike Curiosity.

Children are always asking questions. Be like a child.

Get comfortable with experiencing optimism & doubts simultaneously in all you do.

Studying the lives of Albert Einstein, Mozart and especially, John William Coltrane, the legendary American Saxophonist, I had to ask – who killed our childlike curiosity?

Have holy curiosity that makes you always ask questions. Don’t be afraid to question everything you think you know including your knowledge and relationship with God.

I’ve learned that God doesn’t have “fragile emotions” like humans do. If you ask questions from a place of HONESTY OF HEART, you will get a response over time, every time.

He gave us a brain to keep querying everything and that leads to more discoveries. Don’t be so stuck up in your mind that God Himself can’t get across to you.

We have the entire heavens, cosmos and universe to still learn about. Keep your childlike curiosity sharp. “Adulthood na scam” in this regard.

Know this, whatever you know today in your craft, about life and even about God, is nothing relative to what you yet don’t know.

Make it a habit to learn the fundamentals of everything that’s worth learning. Don’t be in a hurry to become a pro at anything. That impatience is the ego that hinders our deep learning process.

Let your mind remain like that of a child. Be comfortable with not knowing because you really don’t know anyway.