Young Nigerians, it’s the time to start building.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe of Tekedia captures my thoughts beautifully in this post.

Young people, start building. The finest business in Nigeria has not been started. We’re just entering the cambrian moment of entrepreneurial capitalism in the nation. Yes, things are still at infancy and opportunities abound. Nigeria’s GDP is about $500 billion for 220 million people; the United States GDP is at least $23 trillion for 330 million people. Run the fractions and you will see that Nigeria’s optimal GDP should be at least $3 trillion discounting many parameters. If that happens, we have 6x everything in Nigeria!

The last I checked, fintech has not reached Oriendu Market in Ovim. My kins-men and -women are still using cash. So, you cannot say that it is over because Ovim has not experienced it.

But it is not only fintech. Not only logistics, etc. I can tell you that the future is full of abundance. The only way to overcome market frictions is to build great products and services. Nigeria is a place where any decent product or service has an opportunity. Go and #Build because markets need those products and services.

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